How to adjust right indent in Options?


I know this sounds like a really dum question - and most likely it is - but it appears I can’t move the right indent in Options to further than 6 units. Is there a work around this because it’s really darn annoying to every time move the indent to 9 manually, when adding new text file. :confused:

If you extend the width of the options window, it extends the ruler. If you’re using a single monitor you might have to drag the window off screen a little before extending it.

Darn I feel dum now! Thanks! I didn’t notice it also expands the ruler too! :smiley:

Yeah, it’s not real intuitive, and I think I found out about it accidentally. It would be good to have a horizontal scroll bar for that window, so resizing was unnecessary. Maybe that’d be a good wish list request?

We’ll have a better solution to that in time, than something like horizontal scrolling: a button that will import all formatting from the cursor position.