How to alter book templates?

I have a template all set up, with all the info that I might use, for writing my books and I use it with almost every project. I recently found something else I wanted to add to it, and have it there for every new project I start, without having to copy and paste it into each new story I start. How do I add to the fiction template I already use without having to resave it under a different template name? Any help appreciated. Thanks


Just create a new project from the template, make your updates to the template, and then File->Save As Template again. Be sure to make a small note of the change in the description before you save.

If you can’t manage to name it precisely the same as the old one, so that it prompts you about replacing the previous version, then when you’re done, bring up the template chooser window. Pick the old template and click on the Options drop-down button in the lower left of the window and choose Delete Selected Template.