How to apply a text style across an existing project?

I have an existing project. I know about setting my appearance in “appearance” and “editor” menus. What I don’t get is A) why did all of this existing work imported from a DOCX come in as BOLD? B ) why does "convert formatting to default text style not set everything to the “normal” version of the font which I have set in the “editor” menu? and C) why is it so ridiculously hard to get Scrivener to allow me to select even a goodly sized chunk of these files at a time and simply change their BOLD to normal, manually?

Seriously, I thought I’d work around the issue and just pick 5-10 files at a time in “scrivenings” view, Ctrl+A, Ctrl+B, and be done with it all in just a few minutes. Turns out that only the file with the insertion point within it gets selected that way, so I was only fixing 10-20% of the files, leaving the rest to be hunted down, still. I don’t want bold. I am never going to use bold in this project (or likely any others I might use Scrivener for). I’d prefer there were simply a setting that causes Scrivener to treat everything as plain text … not that I’m asking for a change in anything functional here. I’m just saying, a switch to flip which disables stupid text formatting stuff like bold and italics so I can tolerate looking at my MS and get some work done.

If I wanted a fat, nasty looking version of my font, I would have selected it myself, and that’s the point. Scrivener has been as bad or worse than Word in making far reaching decisions FOR ME. Make it easy to turn off behaviors or to counteract mistaken automated actions, please.