How to assign a keyboard shortcut to a document template

I my projects, I use a common project template that has a folder of document templates.

I want to assign keyboard shortcuts to each document template, so that if I type the shortcut, Scrivener creates a new document from the associated document template.

I cannot figure out how to do this. The problem comes from a clash of features between OS X and Scrivener.

  • The OS X keyboard shortcut feature scans the application’s menus left-to-right, and invokes the first matching menu command.
  • Scrivener creates (at least) three menu commands for each template. One in View > Go To. One in View > QuickReference. One in Project > New From Template.

I want the keyboard shortcut to invoke the third menu command. Alas, OS X invokes the first.

What can I do?

I’m pretty sure you can include the entire path to the menu item, using “->” arrows. I looked this up a few months ago, so I may be incorrect about the form the arrows take. The key will be to get the spelling perfect. I don’t know if capitalization matters. So in the keyboard preferences, it would most likely be
Project->New From Template->TemplateDocumentName
Obviously, replace the last bit with the binder name of the document.
Let us know if that works. I’d test it myself, but I’m about to dash.

See here, second answer. Depends on your OS. For some reason unbeknownst to anyone outside of Cupertino, they changed the syntax from 10.7 (>) to 10.8 (->). Who know if 10.9 is any different.

Mavericks allows ->

Thanks for the tips!