How to assign "no label" to binder items?

I gave labels to items in the ‘draft’ section of the binder, but now I want to undo that - to set some as having no labels. Yet I can’t see a ‘none’ selection. How can I do this? Thanks.

Just go to “edit labels” (bottom selection of the drop down labels menu in the inspector) and set up a label with no text in it - that’s what I do.


I tried that, but it seems that a label with no text still has to be of a certain colour.

I want to be able to allow a binder item to have no label at all, no text, no colour - no label applied.

Select the colour white. :slight_smile:

That’s how you do it in 1.x. In the next version there will be dedicated “No label” and “No status” slots that will show a blank card in status stamps, and no pins, when set.

Ah, OK. Thanks.