How to Auto-generate Titles?


I have imported a very long document into Scrivener, then I have split this document into hundreds of subdocuments using the Split > At Selection feature. Everything is great, except that those hundreds of subdocuments have all the same title (the title of the original document), and it would be too bothersome to set their individual titles manually. How do I re-generate the titles automatically based on the beginning of the contents?

This post describes a method to do that: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=20055&p=135660&hilit=Outliner+scrivenings+title#p135660 You’ll need to have “Automatically name untitled text documents upon save” enabled in the General tab of Scrivener > Preferences before doing this.

Thank you a lot, Jennifer! Your Untitled trick helped me a lot. I ended up using the following method to change all the titles to Untitled:

  1. Right-click your Scrivener document and select Show Package Contents.
  2. Locate inside a .SCRIVX file. It contains the titles in text format (XML format to be precise).
  3. Open the .SCRIVX file in BBEdit (or an advanced text editor) and select the relevant portion of text.
  4. Inside the selected text, grep search all instances of: [code]
.* [/code] and replace with: [code] Untitled [/code]


And, actually in the latest version of Scrivener, if you are running OS X 10.7+, you can do regex (grep) style searches right in the program. No need to mess with the internal files.

You’ll still need to do the same Scrivenings + line-height (or whatever) trick, though.

Aha, sweet! I forgot all about the regex update.