How to automatically split document at paragraph level

Is there a way to automatically split a document into paragraph-length documents?

Compile to Markdown to Web Page.
Open the html file in a text editor such as note pad.
Find and replace all

with blank (not a space, just leave the replace with field blank).
Save the modified file as a text file.
Back in Scrivener go to File>Import>Import and Split…
Select the text file you just saved and set it to split selection by

You can use the File > Import > Import and Split feature to do this; if it’s a document you already have in Scrivener, you could export it (File > Export) and then re-import it to take advantage of the feature. Just use a single carriage return as the splitter, and you should get what you want.

Thanks much. I did split the file in about 1500 documents (paragraphs). But Collections made out of search results aren’t showing properly. Is there a limitation on the number of documents?

There shouldn’t be. What is the search you’re using for the collection?

Using the import with a carriage return is much simpler than all that find/replace html stuff I’d suggested. I didn’t realize you could just do a carriage return right there in the “selections are separated by” field. Very nifty! Thanks for pointing that out.

My mind is a little foggy, but I think that was only added with 1.5.5, so prior to that your method would’ve been necessary and a good workaround. With the recent updates, you can use carriage returns in the splitter, which means you can use a single one, like here, to split by paragraph, but you could also use a double return if that’s how you split your scenes in the original document, or can surround a splitter character by carriage returns to ensure you’re only going to split where that character appears on its own line.

I simply choose a keyword and use Find. About 10 of the 1500 documents come up (it takes a while of course). I place those results into a collection. But when I look a the collection they are not there – ‘reveal in binder’ for search results doesn’t work either.

I did that on a smaller project and it works fine. So I’ m thinking it may be due to the large number of documents.

update: I closed Scrivener and when I try to reopen it there are some rtf files from the Doc folder it can’t read. It’s probably not meant to handle such a large number of files (1600).