How to avoid headings at bottom of page for ebooks

Hi I was wondering if there is a way to avoid headings at the bottom of a page when we compile to kindle (mobi) format. The page break doesn’t seam to work. Any advice is appreciated.

Isn’t that just a setting/feature of the e-reader software? On my Kobo, I can turn headers and footers on or off, and I can even change what’s displayed when it’s on, but that’s up to me, not the book’s publisher. I’d assume the same is true for Kindles.

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Are you trying to avoid a “footer,” with information about which chapter you’re in and so on? Or are you trying to make sure that the section (and its heading) starts on a new page?

For the latter, make sure you’ve applied a Section Layout that includes a page break.

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Thanks very much. Would you know any editors who work in Scrivener and able to help. Happy to pay for this service.