How to best link various types of research?

I am a college student working on both a novel manuscript and research project using Scrivener. So far I am using the research function by copying and pasting information from the internet into the various folders I have created. However, I feel like there could be a more effective way of doing this. I am testing Scrivener’s usability for students in my major and I know the time consuming process I use would be a concern for them. Sorry if this was posted already, but I couldn’t find the exact information I was looking for.

It’s hard to advise you without more information:
Are the novel and research paper two different Scrivener projects?
That is, separate files with the extension .scriv?
Each project has a Draft and Research folder.
Draft is for text files only; Research may hold all kinds of file types.
Easiest way to set those up is drag-and-drop.
For a web page, select the URL and drag it to the Research folder.
Then place it where you wish. Takes but a few seconds.
If you haven’t viewed them, see the top two video tutorials:
Good luck!

Sorry, I suppose I wasn’t very clear. The manuscript and the research project are in different folders; they are separate projects. I was mentioning them as a means to illustrate what types of sources I would be putting into the research folders like pdfs, web pages, and videos. Thanks for the tip with the web pages; I had just been copying and pasting the information I needed into a notecard in the folder. Also, I was wondering if there is a way to get some of the research to be included in the export along with my report, my professor likes us to have an Appendix with some of the research, without moving it out of the research folder.

In that case, you’d create a folder within Research called Export (or something), place (or duplicate) the appropriate files there (links, pdf, jpg, etc) and then export the contents as files. If you want to keep them in a certain order, give them numbers (01 bat images, 02 Dracula review, 03 Transylvania map, etc).

Thanks so much, that’s exactly what I needed.