How to better sort and handle Draft/ QuickRef items

How I sort my draft items in Scrivener right now:

After having written down those items (in the editor) I prioritize them by prefixing a number 1 to 4 and mark other items which will serve as footnotes. … ojects.jpg

The items with the same priority ( f ex “1”) are opened with Quick Reference and physically sorted on the desktop. … -items.jpg

In order not to lose this sequence (and here I wonder if Scrivener can help) I take a screenshot of those Quick Reference items, AirDrop it to the iPad, and close all items on the desktop.

Like the one above (in 2.)

Then I open a new Scrivener project, to duplicate everything what was in Drafts, basically to leave the original as is.

In the duplicated (“double” - see url above 1.) project, I now change the prefix (see above) to a new, 2-digit one according to the sorting which I can observe from the iPad - screen dump.
(Such as: “08 To adopt the perspective of the evergreen Tradition.”)

Although this works alright for me I wonder if maybe I could cut some corners with the help of some advanced features which I haven’t discovered yet:

  • sorting QuickRef items, and
    remembering somehow the new sorting order, and
    renaming them easier.

with best regards,
Omar K N
Stockholm, Sweden

You could use the Label, Status, or Keyword feature for this, then use the Outline View to sort by the appropriate column.

You could also create a custom meta-data field, (Due Date, maybe?) and sort by that, again in Outline View.

If you want to permanently change the Binder order to match, select all of the Outliner rows you want to change and drag them back into the Binder folder where they reside. (See Section 12.2.3 of the Scrivener manual.)


Thank you Katherine!