How to block indent ?

I’m using markdown syntax.
To make code block, 1 tab character must be inserted at begin of all lines.
In Windows editors or BBEdit, I used to select block of text and press tab key,
then all lines shifted right.
How can I do that in scrivener easily ?

There are two ways you can go about it:

  1. Preserve Formatting: As this feature would have little meaning in MultiMarkdown otherwise, it performs an alternate function. It will insert a tab in front of each line that falls within it. It is basically a code block feature. By default it doesn’t have a keyboard shortcut, but you can of course add these using OS X’s keyboard preference pane. It’s easy to use, requiring no special configuration in the compiler, and in my opinion it looks quite nice as it really sets the code blocks apart in a way that many websites use.
  2. Whitespace Interpretation: The compiler has the capability of converting format generated whitespace into literal whitespace characters. Paragraph spacing, first-line, and block indents can all be emulated into spaces and carriage returns. This feature is found in the Transformations compile option pane, “Convert to plain text”. There are several settings you can choose from, “Paragraph Spacing and Indents” will be the best for MMD in most cases. Using this method you can assign a formatting preset or use one of the built-in presets for blockquotes. Just make sure to indent far enough to trigger enough spaces for MMD to pick up on it as a code block. This method is better if you’ve already got RTF documents and want to switch to MMD as it requires minimal conversion. Otherwise, I’m not a fan of it as I prefer to have formatting freedom in the editor without worrying about visual adjustments turning into whitespace—personal preference though.

Thank you for replay.
But, I don’t use markdown compiler.
Tumblr supports markdown.
So I just copy & paste markdown source to tumblr and all is done.
I just want to know there are anyway to insert tab at line begins.

In that case, no. Tabs aren’t something heavily used in word processor style writing. There are better tools for adjusting the indentation of lines for that reason.

Couldn’t one make a service for this: takes a selection, iterates through each line and adds a tab?