How to block paragraph in compile?

Hi - this is driving me nuts. How do I block paragraph in compile? Vellum does it super easy and it’s so much better looking for non fiction print books. There must be a way to do it in Scrivener? Thank you!

Do you mean that your paragraphs should have no first line indent and should be followed by a blank line?

It depends on the compile format you’ve chosen. For example, ‘Modern’ already has this style of paragraph built in. If you want to use another format which doesn’t use block paragraphs by default, then the basic process is:

  1. In compilation, choose the appropriate format and allocate the section type to a section layout as normal.

  2. Click on the pencil icon on dummy section layout you’ve chosen for the main body of the text (ie the one with the blocked paragraphs) and then on Duplicate Format and Edit Layout. Give your new format an appropriate name.

[attachment=0]Screenshot 2020-11-25 at 13.54.13.png[/attachment]

  1. The dialogue will have opened to the Section Layouts panel, with the appropriate section layout highlighted.

  2. In the dummy text box, tick the box ‘Override text and notes formatting’ then in the ruler, drag the icon shaped like a T to the far left — this will remove the first line indent.

  3. Click on the line-spacing drop down box (on the far right with a double headed vertical arrow, then on Other. In the new dialogue box select the new line spacing (e.g. line height 1.2, space after 6pts to your taste). For steps 4 and 5 you’ll see the dummy text change to reflect the choices.

[attachment=1]Screenshot 2020-11-25 at 13.51.16.png[/attachment]

  1. Make any other changes (fonts, font sizes etc) and then press Test to see if it’s worked…

  2. When you’re happy, press Save, then run the compile properly from the main Compilation dialogue.

That’s it - takes a few seconds (a lot longer to describe than to do!)