How to bring Scriv 2.7 projects into S3?

I thought I saw this mentioned somewhere but can’t find it. What is the best way to bring a project from the old to the new Scriv 3.0?

Thanks in advance.

It is easy, especially if you have all your Scrivener projects located inside one or two folders.
With Scrivener 3 open in the background, just go to the Mac folder with your Scrivener projects (using your Finder, for example), and then double click on the project (file) you want to open. If the project has never yet been opened in Scrivener 3, then you will be asked to update the format, and you should click the “Update Project” button to do that.
Repeat this process every time you want to bring a 2.7 project into Scrivener 3.

Hi Michael. Thanks for the info…In the meantime, I found the info in the new user manual.

There’s also a comprehensive upgrade guide linked from here: