how to calculate number of pages

At the bottom of each doc is the Word and character count but no page count.
Is there some way to calculate the number of pages? is there a way to tweak this in the settings?

If not, can anyone tell me if there’s a standard number of words or characters on a page? I’m writing a novel.
Thanks in advance for your help.

From what I’ve seen suggested as a guideline online, novels tend to final print in the 250-300 words per page range.

Thanks for the response. I’ve seen varying calculations, so I guess it’s not quite down to a science. :smiley:

While trim size, font size and line spacing can make a difference, it’s my understanding that the biggest factor is whether the text has a lot of dialogue or not. Lots of dialogue usually means a lot more short sentences and carriage returns, whereas lots of action/description means longer paragraphs with fewer carriage returns. So pages with a lot of dialogue will have a lower word count due to all the white space left by those short sentences.


In Scrivener for Windows , v. , go to; Project/Project Statistics.
It will give you a page count for the whole manuscript and for the item you have selected in the binder. You can change the word count per page on the options tab.

Of course, as mentioned in other replies, page count will be an estimate. Font size, formatting, etc., will effect the actual count.