How to center page in page view?


I’m using the Page View mode but my “page” always appears to the far left. No, I do not have my Inspector on. And I am NOT in the Compose window.

There is no option I can find that will center the page. :confused:


The option is in the Editor preference pane, bottom section where Page View settings are located. You should see “Center pages” as one of the choices.

Where is the “Editor preference pane”? I have Page View under the View at the top. But there are no options to center. :cry:

Under Scrivener > Preferences choose “Editor” and select the “Center pages” checkbox in the Wrap to Page Mode section on the bottom left.

Awesome! Thank you! That did the trick. Honestly, I would never have found that out on my own. It’s not very intuitive how it’s set up, at least for a novelist. Which leads me to wonder if Scrivener would ever think about releasing their app designed specifically for certain kinds of writers, minus all the “frills” that aren’t needed for them and more streamlined. Scrivener for Novelists. Scrivener for Journalists. Scrivener for Copy Writers. etc. Just a thought!

Imagine all of the extra work you would have to do if you wrote a different version of your novel for, say, academics, firemen, lawyers, etc., and you’ll probably get a good idea why so many different versions of Scrivener would be impractical!