How to centre selected paragraphs without affecting others

I’m sure this is a simple fix but I’m struggling to find it.
In one of the Scene chapters, I have a series of paragraphs that I want to centre (as they are verses of a song). But when I select these 4 paragraphs and click on centre paragraph, it applies that centring format to the entire chapter.
I have tried adding line breaks before the first verse and after the last verse to no avail.

How can I centre selected paragraphs without scrivener centring every paragraph even though they haven’t been selected?

Problem isn’t solved but I’ve gotten around it by writing and formatting in Microsoft Word before copying and pasting the whole chapter into a new Scene in Scrivener.

You mentioned you added “line breaks”. Line Breaks are only that, a break in a line but in the same paragraph. Any paragraph formatting above a line break will apply below the line break. My hunch is that your entire chapter is one big paragraph?

Instead of using “line breaks” to separate paragraphs (and applying special formatting to that paragraph), use paragraph breaks.

To help you see what’s going on with your chapter, turn on the “invisibles” to see your line breaks vs. paragraph breaks.