How to change color of text behind comment box?

I know that the title to this topic seems a little weird, so here’s an explanation. I write with a dark blue background and a light gray font color, similar to the old WordPerfect environment. This has always worked best for my eyes during long stretches. After ScrivWin 1.5x was released, I was excited about the inspector comment changes. However, when I highlight some block of document text in the editor and create a comment, the text remains that same light gray inside the pastel comment box in the editor. I’ve found a number of topics on how to change the color of the comment in the inspector, but I can’t seem to figure out how to make Scrivener display the document text a different color, just within the comment highlight “bubble”. If I recall, in 1.2x users were able to change the color of the comment or footnote bubble around the text, but also the color of the highlighted text within. Has that functionality disappeared? If so, how soon can we return it to the program?

Edit: I realize that I can make the editor comment background really dark so that I can see the text behind it, but then the text in the inspector comment, which is still black, is nearly unreadable. Also, I can “change” the color of the footnote text in the Options menu, but where is that reflected? I see no change in the footnote text in the inspector, and it doesn’t appear to change in the document text either.

Any ideas?

This hasn’t changed, no; inspector comments were only just added with the 1.5.3 release, so there weren’t any options pertaining to them before that. It is possible to change the colour of inline annotations, which affects both the text and the bubble around it, and that option still exists. For inspector comments, you can change the default background colour of comments, but as you note there’s not a way to change the default text colour for the comments. Given the way colouring works on Windows, that’s probably doable and not a bad idea, so I’m adding it to the suggestion list, since for the set up you describe it certainly would make sense to be able to adjust the default colour to something light when paired with a dark background. In the meanwhile, my suggestions are

  1. Try to find a mid-range default background colour that lets you read both the light grey text in the editor and the black text in the comment without too much difficulty. (You can set the default colour in the Appearance tab of Tools > Options.) To assist that, you can adjust the default font and font size for the comment text (also in Appearance, under Fonts > General), so making that larger will probably help the readability.

  2. Use a dark background for comments and just make a habit of setting the font colour to white. If you make a lot of comments, though, this is probably going to get irritating quickly, and it will also affect the colour of the notes on compile unless you choose “Remove text color” in the Transformations tab of the compile settings.

  3. Stick with using inline notes for the time being, since you can set the text colour for these and match your light-on-dark setup. If you haven’t yet, you can try using the Format > Options > Ghost Notes Mode to make the inline notes less obtrusive when you’re working.

I must have been thinking of inline annotations in the 1.2.5 version, rather than “comments”, per se. Yes, it would be very nice if the default color for comments could be made user-adjustable. As for your suggestions:

  1. I settled on a dark orange/medium-brownish color. It seems to work okay as a workaround towards picking our own colors.

  2. I tried this and don’t think it would work very well, practically speaking. Every time I’d want to change the color to white, I’d have to go to Format>Font>Text Color>More… and choose white. This is a lot of mouse movement to break a train of thought. If there were a way to select all of the different comment texts at once and change their color, that might work, or even just allow the user to select the text within the comment and right click - right now if you right click a selected comment text, the selection disappears and the right click color menu for the comment background shows up instead.

  3. This is another thing that I was thinking about, as it is what I did in 1.2.5, but I’ll give the orange/brown on blue from (1) a try first, since it does seem to work, even if it’s not a color I’d prefer to use.

Thanks for the suggestions, and looking forward to ScrivWin 2.0!