How to change compose background image

Hello. I’ve only been using Scrivener for about a week now, so I apologize if this has likely been resolved elsewhere.

I’ve tweaked a number of preferences, but I can’t seem to undo one of them. My background image while in compose mode is a somewhat dark image of a haunted castle. It is not, however, dark enough to WRITE against! I’d like to change it to anything else, but whenever I do so in preferences, it doesn’t change it in the compose window. What’s going on? I appreciate any help with the matter.

It might also be worth mentioning that I’m using Dropbox to sync with other devices, but I’ve saved all my preferences to the same Dropbox folder that has my other Scrivener files.

You’ll find how to set up the Composition Backdrop in the user manual PDF, §17.1, Using Background Image and Textures (pg. 242). It sounds like you are referring to what the second paragraph in that sub-section is talking about: the texture, which is meant for small graphics that would tile, such as using a paper texture or a wooden desk look.

I posted a bit on these options all work together in a recent thread. Note that’s on the Windows side of the forum, so preferences are described a little differently, but the core concepts are the same.

View > Composition Backdrop > No Backdrop

It was all there in the user manual. Thanks, AmberV!