How to change default behavior of ENTER = adding a new file in outline/synopsis mode?

I noticed in the new beta, when I hit ENTER while writing in the outline/synopsis, it’ll add a new document file below the current one instead of simply starting a new paragraph. I would have to hit CTRL+ENTER in order to start a new paragraph. This was not the case in the past, and it’s pretty annoying. I dug around in the options and couldn’t find a way to change this default behavior.

You may not like it, but it is a Windows standard for this sort of situation, that lots of people do like. So, if they change it, they’ll get lots of others who want it back the “other way”. I don’t think this is something they can win. ENTER adds another item in the binder. This is working the same way.

The outline mode is not the same as the binder, because when you are writing a synopsis in the outline mode your tendency to write much longer text with multiple paragraphs is normal, and ENTER should behave the same way as in the editor. And it was fine for all these years–why suddenly change it now?

Actually it was wrong for all of these years. It has been a default for Scrivener to create a new item with the Return key, in all views, since version 1.0. And there has always been a setting to flip the behaviour around for those that would prefer more friction toward creating new items and less toward writing long synopses.

Options/F12 → Behavior → Navigation
a third down the page.
Checkbox. “Return ends editing synopsis…”

As long as I get to change the behavior in options, I don’t care what the default behavior is.

Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for.