How to change default font *color* for comments?

I’m using Dark Mode as it’s SO much easier on my eyes, but I’m struggling to get the comments user-friendly in this mode. I’m not a fan of the default comment colors as they’re too similar in this view, but those I can adjust. More pressing is that the default white font placed on these pale backgrounds is very hard for me to read, and I cannot find a setting to adjust anything more than the font face, style, and size…nothing to adjust the color. I was able to change the text of one to black manually, but I can’t find a way to make that my default. :frowning: Please help. The Comments feature is something I’ve relied on for years, and in Scrivener 3, it’s more of a hassle than a help.

As far as I can tell, you are correct. Under File/Options/Appearance/Textual Marks/Inspector Footnotes Text, I would expect that to also change comments text color since they are in the same list window, but that appears to be broken because no matter what color I select, the font color in the inspector does not change.

Argh… Do you know whether there is a way to edit the different themes? Maybe I can find an in-between gray shade that’s legible on both dark and light backgrounds…

Themes are edited by changing the Appearance options, but since the one you want to change does not exist or is broken, you seem to be out of luck using that route.

You can export a theme (except for the Default), and that results in a zip file that has the extension scrtheme. If you unpack that file, you get four text files: 1) a .PAL file containing palette information; 2) a .PREFS file containing color preferences; 3) a .QSS file, which is a QT color control file, and 4) a .small XML file listing the theme, QT control file, palette file, and the name of the theme’s Preferences file if you export the theme options.

The .scrtheme file header starts with the four ID bytes used by PKZip/WinZip, so if you make any changes to the text files, use WinZip to repack them into an SCRTheme file, then import the theme and test your changes. Make sure you keep a backup of any originals so you can always get back to your starting point.

You are probably right. :confused: I wonder whether one of the other dark themes might work better for me. Guess I’ll have a go at that. Thanks.