How to Change Default Formatting for Multiple Documents on Scrivener iOS?

Hello! :slight_smile:

I’m a new Scrivener writer and I’m loving the software! It’s wonderful to have a flexible writing process on my iPad!

How do I change the default formatting for multiple documents on Scrivener iOS? I can do this on Scrivener desktop, but I don’t know how to do this on iOS.

I don’t want to change the default formatting for individual documents because I want to be efficient.

Thanks for your help!


Default paragraph format is something you can set for Scrivener per se. It is also something you can override for a particular project. It is not a by-document setting. You say you know how to do it on desktop Scriv, so this just leads me to think I don’t understand what you are really asking for.

Are you sure what you are wanting to do is change the default paragraph format for certain documents in your project?

Can you say a bit more about what you are trying to accomplish at the end of the day?

If you mean the process whereby you would select the text of an item, tap on the formatting brush icon, and then under “Formatting Options”, tap “Use Default Formatting” (after presumably having used the “Set as Default Formatting” button on some sample text you want used for all new items): then no, there is nothing more efficient than that.

There is nothing like selecting a bunch of items in the binder and using Documents ▸ Convert ▸ Text to Default Formatting, like on Mac/PC.

Thanks for your help Amber! You saved me many hours of hopelessly trying to find this feature! I’ll add my request to the wish list.