How to change default icon?


I’d like to change the default Scrivener icons to different icons in the list. For example, I’d like to make the default image icon the eye, instead of the palm tree scene. Can’t seem to figure out how to do this.


There is no official way to do this, but with most Mac programs, you can go into the .app folder, usually in Contents/Resources, and find the graphics used to draw things within the software. Using that method, you could for example rename the BinderImage.tiff file to a backup name, and then copy out the Eye.tiff file from the Default Support Folder/Icons subfolder, renaming it to “BinderImage.tiff”. You may want to do that as well to BinderImageGroup.tiff, unless you don’t mind stacked images turning back into the palm tree picture.

It is important to (a) back up Scrivener before messing with its resources, and (b) remember that whenever Scrivener updates you’ll have to do this again.