How to change font face during compile

My goal is to have most of my document in Times New Roman, but certain scenes need to be in American Typewriter. I created a style that looks good in the editor, but when I compile it gets converted to Times New Roman. So then I created a section layout called “Interview” and tried to make it using the new font, but it still insists on Times New Roman. I’ve tried forty other ways, all with no success. In earlier versions of Scrivener there was a way to override all fonts, but I’ve seen no such option in version 3. There is no doubt an easy way to do this, but I’m baffled.
Mac, Scrivener 3.

Update: Got it. Found the font choice of “Determined by section layout” on the main Compile window, which allowed me to use a style within my document to set the formatting, including font face.