How to change font

I want my manuscript in Times New Roman. Which is what it is.

But I want to change the font for the title on the title page. Can I do this?

I have tried, but after I upload the mobi file to createspace, it doesn’t really change. I’m not sure if it’s possible or if I’m not doing something I should be doing.

Well for one thing, font declarations in e-books are usually not to be relied upon. Most often the font you want won’t even be made available no the devices your readers are using, so in fact best usage dictates no font declaration at all in the output formatting (which is what we do). Secondly, I recommend downloading a program that can view Mobi files to shorten the proofing work. Calibre or even Kindle Previewer work nicely. The latter will give you the closest representation of what your book will look like on various Kindle devices, so I recommend every author have that tool available when working with e-publishing.

Okay, given that you can’t really set the font from the e-book, there probably isn’t much left to give you advice on specifically, but generally speaking if you want to have a special page that doesn’t follow the Formatting compile pane rules, check off “Compile As-Is” in the Inspector for that document—the title page in this case. What this does is tell the compiler to disregard the Formatting rules for that section, meaning if “Override text and note formatting” is set, it will be ignored, as well as any title or other optional output. Just the text from the editor will be printed, as formatted (again, within the constraints of what is possible in e-publishing).

Okay, so I tried this: I went into Gimp (a photo editing software, free version Photoshop), I wrote the title, cropped it, saved it, then copy and pasted into scrivener. Seemed to work! I won’t be sure until it’s published on amazon, though.

Yeah, that’s a way to do it, sorry I forgot to mention that. I’ve even seen books use that trick for chapter titles. So I’m sure it will be okay.