How to change formats?

I have started a couple of projects and I noticed that at least one of them needs a different project type (going from novel with parts to straight novel). Is there a place within the project that I can change this, so I don’t have wrid formatting when I save to ebook?

I don’t think so. A simple way to do this would be to create a new project in the format that you want, then re-size the windows of both projects on your desktop so they are side by side. Then you can use the cursor to drag the folders from the old project’s Binder to the new project’s Binder. Scrivener will copy (not move) them to the new project. Should take less than a minute if it’s a typical project.

Note that there’s nothing special about the supplied project templates. They don’t do anything that you can’t accomplish yourself by changing the settings for an existing project.

For example, the difference between a “Novel” and a “Novel with Parts” is just an extra outline level in the Compile settings. So it may be easier to tweak the Compile -> Formatting pane than to create a whole new project.


You don’t need a special format. They are all the same although they look different on the surface.

Just start writing.