How to Change Heading 1 to Center Text


I’m trying to get my Heading 1 Paragraph Style to be perfectly centered like the Centered Text Paragraph style.

Any help?

Thank you!

Hi Dinok :slight_smile:

Center one of them using the formatting bar (make sure you don’t have useless tabs or spaces),

then, having your header selected, redefine your header style.
Format/Style/Redifine style from selection

That’s it. They should all conform.

When I press the Center Justify button there, it doesn’t actually center it in the middle, it’s off by just a few centimeters:(

Make sure you don’t have useless tabs or spaces.
Use View/Text Editing/Show invisibles

Also make sure that your editor is centered if using fixed width editor from the options.
Windows version screenshot:

Could also be that in Format/Paragraph/Tabs and indent, you actually have a first line indent set. Which would offset the centering. Make the first line indent be 0.00 for that style.

Got it! Thank you!

Do you also know how I can put images on the blank pages I have inbetween acts? They aren’t in the binder, just how I have them setup in my Layout Style Settings

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Make that a new thread :wink:

Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile:

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