How to change heading formatting presets for whole document??

I want to change the formatting presets for the headings I’ve used, as the presets aren’t easily to tell apart.

Is there a way to change all the headings retrospectively when I update the preset?

As an example:

My documents currently has a “Heading 1 Preset” (It’s bold left-aligned). I want a new Heading 1 Preset to be bold centred. Is there a way so that when I change the preset, the whole documented is updated with all Heading 1 Presets as newly defined.

I don’t want to do this at the Compile stage. I’m working on the doc now and will be for some months,

Much appreciated!

Are you using Scrivener 2 or Scrivener 3? Scrivener 2 has presets; Scrivener 3 has styles.

Scriv 2 presets are merely a quick way of painting a format onto a paragraph. You have to go through your project applying the modified preset to each instance individually.

Scriv 3 styles are like Word styles, if you modify the style, all paragraphs marked with that style are automatically modified accordingly.

If you’re using v. 2 but can upgrade to v. 3, it is well worth it for that and many other reasons.



Thanks Mark, I’m on version 2. Is the upgrade free/reduced, or the normal price?

Just checked online, reduced fee. Thanks…

As it is a major upgrade, it is priced, but only $25: (1) education licences may be cheaper, and if you only bought v. 2 after 20 August 2017 it’s free; (2) this doesn’t apply if you’re using the MacApp Store version. Go to; … remail.htm


PS You beat me to it.

When you’ve upgraded to v. 3, do go through the Tutorial under the Help menu, particularly the sections for those upgrading from v. 2 and especially the sections on Compile. The latter is where the changes have been greatest.

Oh, and you’ll still have to go through your manuscript marking paragraphs with styles as appropriate, though you could search the forums to see if anyone gives a way of doing it in bulk. Remember, “No Style” in Scrivener becomes “Normal” in Word, Nisus Writer Pro, etc. on compiliing. It is counter productive to set up a “Normal” style


As for converting your legacy formatting presets to Styles, there are some tips in the (new) user manual, under Appendix E.4.1, Converting Formatting Presets to Styles. That will get your presets into the new system (and I would add that in addition the project template method described there, you can also save your stylesheet as an application default, via the Set Styles Defaults… button in the Editing: Formatting preference pane).

As for updating your existing text to style-based text, have a look at the Edit ▸ Select ▸ Select Similar Formatting menu command. Run that on your Draft in Scrivenings mode, with the cursor in a heading field, and use it to set all of the selected text to a style with the Format Bar.