How to change "Page Break Before" flags for non-Draft docs?

First, thanks to KB for explaining how to print my research folder’s text, notes, and synopses.

Now I’ve run into another problem…

The first thing I noticed when I printed my Research folder is that I’ve goofed up the “Page Break Before” flags in many of the items. I suspect that I created some items as folders (which sets the flag), then converted to text, and created others as text (which clears the flag) then converted to folders. Harumph. However it happened, my page break flags are not the way I want them. I’d like to change adjust the flags…

But the “Page Break Before” checkbox is greyed out for items in the Research folder (and other items outside the Draft folder).

I can drag items into the Draft folder, change the settings, and drag them back into the Research folder, but is there an easier way to do that? Some magical keystroke that allows me to change the “Page Break Before” setting for items outside the Draft folder?


“Page Break Before” didn’t used to have any meaning except for files inside the Draft folder, which is why it is greyed out. However, since I implemented better printing (with page breaks) in 1.10 (or thereabouts) and given that the next version has a page layout view too, I have made it so that the “Page Break Before” checkbox is available (ungreyed) even if the document isn’t inside the Draft folder for the next version. Good catch.
Thanks and all the best,