How to change Script Column Headings?

I cannot find the place where the existing “Video” and “Audio” column labels reside in order to change them when compiling.

I have looked in the format but find only Audio.

I also want to use different columns and to ensure the labels line up, but it looks as though - if they are somehow connected to the header - that there can only be three.

How should I proceed? (Or should I e.g. just edit the scene template and write my column labels in there? But then how/where do I remove both Video and Audio from the Compiled output?)

It will be easier to work with this field (the middle one is the only one that matters) if you copy and paste the contents of it out to a text editor, so you can see what is going on. Basically there are carriage returns and lots of spaces being used to line things up. So you might have to experiment a bit to get things changed.


Ah yes. tab into the field, copy and paste into e.g. Notepad++ and one sees…

PAGE <$p> OF <$pagecount>

where VIDEO<->AUDIO is separated by spaces :slight_smile:

I think I’ll just clear it out and embed labels in row 1 of my table; the way it is set up would not be very practical.

Thanks for explaining that WISINWIG - that resolved everything.

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If that works better for your content then it would certainly be more convenient to have it in the table itself. The reason we did things that way is that this template is designed to work as one very long table (the whole document essentially) that is stitched together from smaller Scrivener-friendly fragments. So to have the headings in the table, you’d either have to anticipate where page breaks occur (difficult in Scrivener), or live with there only being one mention of the column data at the very beginning of the document.

Sure, that makes sense for having a continuous table (I just don’t know how one could set up anything different except by tedious trial and error… and if the column widths were adjusted one would be back to square 1.)

Therefore just a suggestion that the header etc. fields should never not display all content and/or duplicate MS Word’s header-row-repeat on page break within tables.

The very prompt response was much appreciated, thank you.