How to change Synopsis font ?


I have tried changing this but nothing changes. Am I missing something ?

That setting is for the Outliner, if you want to change the font for the index cards, check over in the Corkboard tab.


No - for the Synopsis section in the Inspector.

The inspector uses the same font settings as the index cards in the corkboard, all set in the Corkboard tab of Preferences.

Thanks MM but I have checked all of the font settings in the CorkBoard section of preferences and none of them change the Synopsis section font.
I can also see visually that the font of the entries in my CorkBoards are completely different to that in the Synopsis section …

In the Corkboard section of Scrivener > Preferences, the “Index Cards Text” font is the one that controls the synopsis font for the cards on the corkboard and in the inspector. You might have your corkboard set to use the “Small Font” option, which could be a different font entirely. That option is selected from the pop-up menu in the corkboard editor footer.

Aaaaaahhhh !! No idea how that got ticked. That fixes it - many thanks MM. Been looking for that for months now :slight_smile:

Tks again.

:: One day I will be proficient in Scrivener :unamused:

Synopsis font is controlled by Preferences - Appearance - Index Cards. Not Corkboard.

But four years ago when this thread was active, it was accurate. :wink:

That’s the problem. We have to deal with new problems in old threads. People want the latest information at the end of thread.

But the thread was four years old so nobody would have seen it… We can’t update every thread with the latest info. :slight_smile:

I know you can’t, but you should welcome users who willingly update the thread for the benefit of the community, instead of defending the fact that you could not have possibly done so before when the thread was created. After all, without update the thread is simply a waste of time because the answer is wrong. Perhaps using labels like “outdated” would help? I don’t know.

If you’re going to update an old thread with information for the new version, at least say which version you’re talking about so future readers can see that you’re talking about a different version and not contradicting old information.

Not everyone updates all at once, so having the older information around is useful.

Good point