How to change tab setting - Windows Scrivener


I use Scrivener for Windows, Version:

I would like to know how to change the length of a tab when I press the “tab” button on my keyboard. Right now, when I press the tab button, the length is 1 inch. This becomes a problem when I build outlines for my research papers. I like to structure my outlines “I.A.1.a.i” for example. By the time I get to the third and fourth levels of my outline hierarchy, however, my sentences are tabbed 3-4 inches into the page! This is way too far across the page, making the outline hard to read.

How can I change the default tab length, so that the tab button only tabs 0.5 inch, or some other smaller length?

Thank you

in Scrivener you can configure the default paragraph formatting by going to the Tools menu, and then Options, or just pressing F12… Right click on the ruler to set tabs, whether in the document itself or in the Editor Options.

Note that this default will only apply to documents you create after you change it. To apply the default to existing documents, select them in the binder (CTRL-click each one, or click the 1st, and SHIFT-click the last to select multiples), and then use Documents->Convert->Documents to Default Format (or was it Style? I can’t recall.).

This will allow you to adjust existing documents to conform to the defaults you just set. It should prompt you for what aspects of the documents should be changed (so you can NOT change the font to the default, for instance).

Thanks so much, this worked perfectly!

Hi. I am trying to do the same thing but with the Mac version 3.
I don’t see a Tools option.
I have searched “tabs” in the manual but am totally confused by the info.
Any suggestions?

It’s Preferences to us Mac users!

Scrivener > Preferences > …