How to change the amount of text being displayed when hovering over corkboard item?

EDIT: This post started out as question and ended up to be a feature for the wishlist. In order to keep things easier I made this edit in order to put the most importand part right at the beginning.

  • Please add this functionality: When hovering the mouse over a Textbox in Corkboard mode, display the whole contents of the synopsis instead of just a few words inside of the “popup” (just like the way it is done already with the contents of Comments in standard mode)
    Optional it would be even greater to distinguish between showing the full Name of the document in the Popup when hovering directly over the line that holds the Name and showing the synopsis while hovering over the rest of the box.
    Thanks for considering it. It would be a very welcome addition in order to make it easier working with small sized corkboard items

How can I change the amount of text that is displayed when I hover over a card in corkboard view?

When hovering the mouse over a card, the contents of the synopsis are revealed in a “tooltip popup”. BUT the problem is, that the amount of text which is displayed is too short… depending on the size of the box sometimes even less then what is already visible in normal view.

I would like being able to set the cards to a really small size and reveal the FULL contents when hovering the mouse over it. Similar like it already works with the contents of a comment.

Is there a setting where I can change how much text is revealed? If not… this should be somehow enabled in a upcoming version.


It’s unlikely changing the length of text in ToolTips is under your control. Futhermore, long text in ToolTips is truncated and capped with an Ellipsis.

You’d better be looking for an alternative solution, like using the Outliner View Mode.

Thank you. I somehow expected this answer.
That being said… the current behavior looks like a “not perfect” solution.

As mentioned before, the “tooltip” popup for a comment in standard view shows the whole content.
While the tooltip/popup for the boxes in corkboard view show only a fraction of the text which is already visible anyway - which does not make sense at all - since it reveals less info than what is already there.

As you mentioned… there are always workarounds. But this seems to me something worth changing on the devs side, since it looks like all the functionality is already there.

Can someone please tell me what the usual way of feature requests is over here? Do the devs read this section and pick up on things which are discussed here. Or do I need to go to a special feature-request place?
Thank you : )

You can add the Wishlist category to this post and it will be looked at by the developers of the application. No garantees your suggestion will be implented, bit I have seen suggestions added in the next release.

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