How to change the destination of compile in iOS

I have a Scrivener file, book length, the appears to be the only uncorrupted version I
have. It comes on up on my iPhone but not my iPad, and the only versions I have on Dropbox are mangled versions. I want to compile to docx and put the new file on my iCloud Drive. I don’t see an option for that. Where is the new docx file stored?

Before going much further right now, I think you should consider (to be confirmed with others, I think):

  • on iPhone, duplicate the “good” version of your Scrivener project to another Project on the iPhone. Just in case something goes wrong.

  • The compiled file goes where you tell it to go … after compile see the little icon at top right of a rectangle with an arrow pointing to the right. Click on it and pick where you want it to go. This is the standard iOS sharing feature. Using the Files app gives you greatest flexibility for directing where you want the file to go.

  • on iPhone (which has the good version of the project and the duplicate), sync (by pressing the sync icon) files with Dropbox. Check if the new duplicated project version (your backup created above) as arrived safely at Dropbox (by looking at your account with a Browser) and then synced to iPad. Let Dropbox have enough time and internet access to complete the sync. (My hunch is that an incomplete sync caused the “mangle” you report … but I don’t know). While it should work, if it doesn’t work I’m not sure.

Edit: See Quick Troubleshooting for iOS Syncing / iOS / Knowledge Base - Literature and Latte Support


See also this article, on backing up iOS Scrivener:

IMO, figuring out the cause of your synchronization issues should be a pretty high priority. As long as the iPhone project is connected to Dropbox, whatever issues other devices are having could affect it as well.

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