How to Change the Inspector Features?

I have one folder for which the Inspector menu is different than for all others. In all other folders I can see at the very top of the Inspector bar a number of icons: a notepad kind of icon, an icon that looks like a bookmark (which I think opens the Document References menu at the bottom half of the Inspector), a key icon, a tag icon, a camera icon, and footnotes. Further down in the Inspector menu, I see Synopsis and General. General includes Label, Status, Modified, Include in Compile, Page Break Before, Compile As-is.

For this one folder, I see at the top of the Inspector only two icons: the notepad and the bookmark ones. When I click on the notepad one, I see Project notes, but I do not see the Synopsis and General (Label, Status, Modified, etc.). Is there a way for me to bring the version of the Inspector which I see for all other folders?

I see two possibilities for you:

  1. The one folder you are speaking of is not an ordinary folder. It is your Drafts/Manuscript/Research/Trash folder.* These are very special containers which do not have assignable Inspector features like regular folders do. (It would make little sense to assign them such features.)

  2. You have more than one item selected in the Binder. For the appearance and features of the Inspector you describe also match what you will see if multiple things are selected in the Binder.


  • At least some of these special folders are renameable by the user. You may have renamed your Drafts folder “My Book” or are using a project template with has renamed it “Manuscript”, for example.

Thanks GR. I was looking for the folder now to fix it using your suggestion, and it looks like I accidentally solved the problem just before I read your answer. I had to move my Rough Draft folder in the original Draft folder in Scrivener. I did not know that these original folders mattered, but I realize now that they do.

Glad to hear you got it sorted.