How to change the levels applicable to a section

I see in the Formatting Section of the Compile window how different sections have different Levels to determine the layout.

How do I change the Level applicable to a section? For example I have a Introduction section immediately which is the first section in my manuscript but it has a chapter heading and I dont want it to appear as a chapter


Changing the level of an item is as simple as indenting it beneath something else. That is all levels are. However in this case, I wouldn’t suggest manipulating your outline with hierarchy just to suit your compile settings, and instead add the “Introduction” section to the exemption list for title prefixes. In the Title Adjustments compile option pane, use the gear button to check off this section. That should result in it still printing “Introduction”, but without any prefix, such as “Chapter One”.

Thanks again, Amber! (I thought de-selecting a section would mean it would not appear at all in the compiled manuscript…)

You may be thinking of the Contents pane. The “Include” checkbox there is the hard switch that will remove an item from the compile list.