How to change the opacity of selected text?

Quick question. When I’m in the editor and I select text (for example to cut or copy or format it), I can’t see the text while it’s selected. Is there any way to make the selection tool more transparent? It just looks like white-out and covers up what I’m selecting, so I can’t tell if it’s exactly what I wanted to select or not.

I tried search the manual for “selected text” “selection color” etc. and no joy.

A quick answer would be great!


Hi there @darcykl,

Try tweaking the settings for Text Selection Background and Text Selection Text . You can find them both under File > Options > Appearance > Main Editor > Colors.

If you like to use Composition Mode, then you may also want to adjust the corresponding settings under File > Options > Appearance > Composition Mode > Colors.

The most appropriate colors will vary based on your current theme, so you’ll need to experiment.



You can change the color; no opacity control.


Brilliant! Thanks to both of you. Turns out I had changed the theme during my tour through the tutorial, so I put it back to the default and all is good! But now I know how to tweak it, too. Gracias!



That explains why your description of what you were getting sounded weird to me. :wink: