How to change UI to black (everywhere) and grey text?

I prefer to write on a black background with grey text. I have set up my full screen options this way. I attempted to change everything in Scrivener this way, but couldn’t do it. :neutral_face:

The whole upper part of the UI remains the default colour. :neutral_face:
The binder background is black, but I was unable to change the text to grey. :neutral_face:
The main window background is grey, but the upper part of the UI remains the default colour. :neutral_face:
On the right, the synopsis background colour is black, but was unable to change the menu area. :neutral_face:
The general meta-data and document references area remains the default colour. :cry:

Is it possible to do what I want? If so, can someone upload and share their preferences or tell me how to accomplish making a grey text on black background (dark theme) Scrivener?


There is only so much you can do, I’m afraid, as the Main Interface itself isn’t ‘skin-able’.

But there are a couple of extra things you can do to make the interface sleeker, if you don’t mind learning a few keyboard short-cuts.

+ will hide the Main Toolbar (or turn it back on again)
+ will hide the Format Toolbar (or turn it back on again)

This will drop out two of the largest “MS Windows Silver” areas remaining in your screenshot.

Then if you go the Options panel (F12)
Click on the Appearance tab
and then explore the “Colors” box you’ll find a few more options. Under “General” you have the Project Notes and Document Notes backgrounds which can add some more gloom. Under “Index Cards” you’ll be able to change what the index card looks like. Note these will also change the colors on the corkboard index cards as well so make sure you pick something that is still visible.

Doesn’t get you all the way to where you wnat to be, but hopefully will get you a little bit closer.

Thanks for the information. Seems like everything else in Scrivener has a million ways to customize. Too bad that philosophy hasn’t carried its way into the UI…

Maybe come update time, the developers could make the program a bit more skinable, or have a dark theme. I can’t be the only one wanting this! 8)