How to cite with Windows Scrivener 3 using Zotero (or otherwise)?

Scrivener 3. I read the manual; I invoke Zotero with Alt-Y (or Insert… Bibliography/Citations… but then what?

I have looked at various forum posts re Zotero (the last being around December last year), which was pre-release. Posters already seemed to know what they were doing and were merely highlighting issues.

I have used Zotero a lot, and have used it with Word & LaTeX, but I don’t recognise any Zotero function re “citation placeholder” per the manual instructions

If anyone can explain how to use Zotero directly (or the use of some other software that I can populate from Zotero) I’d be very grateful.

I have no idea if “bumping” is a thing here but I was just researching this issue and I have the exact same problem you do. I’m looking for basic instructions on how to use Zotero but everyone seems to be operating at a higher level, haha.

It’s been a minute since I played with this, but as I recall the first step was done in Zotero to generate the citations (a multi-select operation, as I recall), but then my memory grows very vague.

Next time I have a chance—probably ~19 hours from now or so—I’ll try to refresh my memory.

In the meantime, definitely check out this article.

Also, I’d recommend the Zotero forums.

Thank you!! I’m still googling everything and everywhere and I feel pretty overwhelmed. After I posted that reply I realized that OP was asking about Windows, and I use a Mac.

I just want to insert a temporary citation bracket thingy for now that will then later be converted in Word/RTF-scanner/Pandoc-whatever, but I want to get back to writing.

Welllllllll…… dang. It’s been much longer than a minute it seems, and I’ve forgotten everything I knew (it’s not something I use a lot as I rarely write non-fiction) so I’m afraid I’m going to have to disappoint you and leave you to those other resources I mentioned.

Believe me, I’ll be checking in with them myself. I hope you find your answers.

Best of luck,

Thanks for the links; I’ve already put the JSTOR daily piece into Zotero :wink:

I actually discovered Zotero from this piece on JSTOR Daily, and the very first day I used Zotero I created a category named _Using Zotero and saved that piece there.

Hi all, this topic is old, but just though I’d pop in and plug my Windows solution. This allows you call the zotero picker directly from Scrivener and insert a temporary citation marker - the citation marker is then converted into a live zotero marker down the line.

My solution

It takes a bit of time to set up, but I think it is well it for the ease of use .

The main annoying thing is that you have to compile to libre officer in order to scan the citations - from there, however, you can save as a docx and continue in word.

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