How to clean up / reset the highlight submenu

I sometimes use a number of highlight colors (named via the color palette) for various reasons. I’ve just done a clean up of the palette, removing colors/labels I no longer use. However, the Format > Highlight > submenu is a mess, with a whole lot of old and redundant labels, some duplication and other unwanted stuff. Is there a way to reset it?

The extra entries added to the Highlight menu are simply pulled from your favourite colours in the system colour chooser tool. So to get rid of them you would select “Show Colors” from that menu, and then whiteout all of the saved colour chips at the bottom. Easiest way to do that is to drag and drop white squares from this area into coloured squares until they are all gone. I’m not aware of an easier way to do that. Do be aware that all Mac programs share the settings from this palette—so if you added those colours for a good reason in another program, you may not want to remove them.

Perfect! Thanks AmberV.