How to collaborate and improve the writing process in a simp

How to collaborate and improve the writing process in a simple.
I learned with pleasure the news that in a few days will be available in beta for Windows scrivener. I would like to have a copy and help test the program.
I would like to cooperate with the staff of Scrivener for Windows and suggest all that is of general interest concerning the facilitation of writing.
I do not know how to get the beta version of Scrivener for Windows and I expect it to be stated in reply to this message.
I take this opportunity to wish Lee Powell and his staff good profitable work.
I look forward to reply.

Come migliorare il processo di scrittura in modo semplice

Ho appreso con piacere la notizia che tra pochi giorni sarà disponibile la beta di scrivener per windows. Vorrei averne una copia e contribuire a testare il programma.
Vorrei collaborare con lo staff di Scrivener per Windows e suggerire tutto ciò che è di interesse generale, che riguarda la facilitazione della scrittura.
Non so come fare per avere la versione beta di Scrivener per Windows e spero che mi venga indicato in risposta al presente messaggio.
Colgo l’occasione per augurare Lee Powell e al suo staff buon proficuo lavoro.
Resto in attesa di risposta.

Hi Zeitgeist,

Thanks for wanting to beta-test. Lee is currently working on ironing out the worst bugs and crashers ready to make the beta public. We’ll let everyone know where they can download the beta in two weeks’ time. Check back here on the 25th, as we expect to have the beta ready for download then.

Thanks again!

Keith thanks for your prompt response. Waiting for the release of beta happy. Good Sunday from Naples, Zeitgeist :smiley:

Hi guys! Just adding my own .02 cents that I am eagerly awaiting the Beta for Windows, too. My question relates to the forum topic (above).

If a writer has never used a software program (other than a word processing program such as Word) to create a body of work/manuscript – ARE there any tips or “tricks” to embracing Scrivener for Windows, given it is not released yet? What is the learning curve? (And yes, I did watch the video; very cool).

The learning curve - the evaluation of a software - it shows the quality of software. More good software is made easier it is for the user to learn the potential offered by the software and use it practically in the best possible manner.
Essert I hope this helps. Zeitgeist :slight_smile:

La curva di apprendimento – nella valutazione di un software – indica la qualità del software. Più un software è realizzato bene più diventa facile per l’utilizzatore apprendere le potenzialità offerte dal software e utilizzarle praticamente nel migliore dei modi possibili.
Spero di esserti stato utile. Zeitgeist :slight_smile:

Hi JennaV,

I would recommend watching the introductory video to the Mac version on the page - that covers the basics of Scrivener, which will apply to the Windows version, too. I’m hoping to put together a short “basics of using Scrivener” video soon, too, which will cover everything you need to get started. I’ll use the Mac version for that, but I won’t show anything that the Windows version doesn’t have.

Many thanks!

All the best,

Dear Keith, I would like to know if Scrivener is also a version for Windows in other languages, including Italian. Thanks, Zeitgeist.

We haven’t even got a finished version in English yet! :slight_smile: But yes, the plan is to translate to other languages sometime next year, both for the Mac and Windows versions.

How nice! There is a world of hope in Scrivener! Thanks Keith. :smiley:

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