How to collect certain sections from chapters to an appendix

I looked into queries related to references before posting this question.

I’m writing a joke book with jokes in each chapter. I want an appendix that contains all the jokes (and finding duplicates too) and a reference to where they appeared referenced by page or even just by chapter.

I’d appreciate suggestions for moving as much of the labour as possible to Scrivener.


You can print the page number that a section falls on by typing “<$p>” into the editor (without the quote), and then highlighting the whole thing and creating a Scrivener Link pointing to the section you wish to refer to. The code will be replaced with the number, so form the sentence around it accordingly, like: “see pg. <$p> for another joke involving cider.”

So long as you continue to make a new section for each joke, that should work good for you.

For making the appendix, you could get a start by selecting all of the joke documents and using the Edit/Copy Special/ sub-menu to select the names as Scrivener Links to each respective document. That can then be pasted into an “Appendix” document (and probably formatting into columns in a word processor later). If you use the ToC version of that copy special, it will print the page number tokens alongside the joke name. You can just clean up the formatting later to make it look less like a ToC.