How to combine two sizes of documents

The main part of my Scrivener’s project is built with documents in A4 size (portrait).

But I have to many documents in my project which need to be presented in A3 and landscape.
How to combine the different sizes in a same project?

Thanks for your help

While the text is in Scrivener there really is no size, is there? Scrivener is not like Word where you decide page setup from start. In Scrivener you compile the text afterwards, and you could easily compile to different page sizes.

Not so easily like you say.
If I’ve right understood the compilation panel, the page size can be changed…but for all the documents at the same level of the hierarchy, not only for one document.

In the case I would be wrong, that would be very kind of you to tell me how to do.


I suspect that lunk was thinking of post-processing the output (e.g. In Word) to get your different page layouts.

Or export documents X to A4 and documents Z to A3 in discrete compiles.

… and then put them together, after compilation. That’s what I had in mind.

Thanks for your answers, which they confirm me that it’s not possible to manage different documents sizes at the same time.