How to Compare Projects - Compare Scriveners

Hello good people,

I searched for compare, compare two, compare projects, compare Scriveners; no results. So…

I want to learn and discuss how to compare two or more Scrivener project copies to end up with only one project. I’m specifically not talking about backup copies. I am talking about two or more of the same working copies of projects.

Let’s talk about manual methods as well as using software to get this done (e.g. Ultra Compare). And try to keep it ecumenical (I’m a Windows user but I’ve heard there’s some other OS’s like Linus and Lucy, Big Mac, Chromium, and probably by the time this is half done Google will have bought all the OSes and a few countries anyway :slight_smile:

But you digress. We’re was I?

I have three copies of the same project due to file storage issues on two computers… and my ADHDX (that would be exponential ADHD).

I manually open two projects side by side, and look at the outline and contents, one by one (did I mention I’m impatient and have ADHD?). When I find a change I drag it into the main project I want to keep. Then I do something else and come back to this task. Oh look a squirrel!

After I’ve done that I’ll delete the secondary project and repeat the process with the third project until I have one project only. …seems the squirrels are married.

What advice can you give about comparing Scrivener projects?

Thank you,


Comparing two projects means including all the contents of Draft and Research.
Not sure why you’d need to compare Research folders.
You could merge them and then delete all duplicate items.
To compare the contents of two Draft folders, export them as rtf, doc, or docx.
Then use either Word or any of these tools to compare and merge the contents:

You could start with one “primary” project, and copy the text of each document from a source project into the primary project’s equivalent document, taking a snapshot beforehand. Then you can compare the differences between the texts using the snapshot views.