How to compare two projects (both text body AND comments)

Hi! I want to compare two projects (containing the same book idea) that I’ve been working with on two different computers. How do I do this? Ideally I would like to see both where text changes have been made AND where comments are different.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Occasional faced a similar conflict caused by synch conflicts but is limited to a few documents within a single project. Split the Scrivener window and display both versions (usually forgetting side-by-side and going with above-below requiring more eye movement).

In your situation I would open both projects and tile their windows side by side and work through each document in turn comparing and contrasting. Tedious but workable. Terminal level tools like diff are no use sadly because they work line-by-line and edits in Scrivener could make the lines in the files different but the visual content identical.

Why not use snapshots of different versions, if want to rewrite scene do it and then take snapshot and compare to previous version side by side in editor windows with deletions and additions highlighted. Have windows version, but assume can do on ios version. (could be wrong)

I took it that @parsathil had worked on the two systems independently of each other so (Scrivener) snapshots would not help in the reconciliation process.

For future occasions when this might happen putting the Project on Dropbox and accessing it from each of the computers would result in a single version that requires no reconciliation. Snapshots might not be necessary that way.

You can actually rebuild (or build) them in order to use the snapshot’s compare function.
All one needs to do is copy the content that originated from outside one specific project to the target document. [Take a snapshot of the document, then replace its content with the body text of the second document. ← Best approach would be to do this in a binder duplicate of the original document.]
You can compare a snapshot with a document. (It doesn’t have to be two snapshots that are compared to one another.)
You can also copy paste the comparison result from the snapshots panel to a new document for convenience, if needed.

For the comparison of comments though, I don’t see how that could be done.
I guess one would have to have both documents side by side.
(Using two quick reference panels rather than a split editor, you wouldn’t have to go back and forth continually :wink: )

Using two quick reference panels to compare comments - Screenshots


Have you tried the Import and Merge feature? See Section 5.3.2 in the manual for more information.

What platform (Mac or Windows) are you working on?

If on the Mac platform, I may have a solution that I’ve used for years to compare thousands of pages of raw Scrivener folders and text files … with the option to view either the full text with the changes highlighted, or just the differences between the documents (my default).

Let me know if you are still looking for another option on the Mac platform.