How to Compile on iPad

I am trying to compile a folder full of smaller files into 1 pdf.

Selecting the folder and pressing compile gives me empty file.
Selecting the folder and pressing share gives me empty file.
Compile Draft, Send a Copy, opening in another app gives me empty file.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Scrivener will only compile documents stored in the Draft folder, so my guess is that your Draft folder is empty, and you’re keeping your documents in some other folder. If that’s the case, you should move them to Draft. Please note that the Draft folder is renameable, so it maybe called something other than ‘Draft’ in your project.

For more info about Compile, see the Exporting and Printing section of the iOS Scrivener tutorial, which you can launch from the bottom of your Scrivener projects screen. Or come back here if you have more questions.


That was it! Thank you! Moving everything into Draft solved the mystery!

I had my Draft folder renamed too, so that added to the confussion. :blush: :blush: