How to compile to PDF including metadata?

I searched unsuccessfully for this info, but I’m sure I must have missed it.

My goal is to write away from Windows Scrivener (on my ipad with no network connection). To write I need easy access to the full outline, with a TOC and clickable links. And most important, I need the metadata available to me, such as the two primary metadata customizable fields, and scene titles/summaries and document notes. Also a view (e.g. the TOC) of the outline.

The obvious solution would be to compile a PDF file with TOC and clickable links, and then view it in GoodReader or equivalent on the iPad.

Can anyone tell me how to do that compiile with Windows Scrivener?

Thanks much!

There’s no way at present to compile a PDF straight from Scrivener with hyperlinks in it, but you could try doing this with .epub and loading that; it will make its own TOC automatically based off your section (page) breaks in compile. To include the various meta-data fields, in File > Compile… click the blue arrow button to expand the panel for all the options, then select “Formatting” in the sidebar. You’ll see a table here with all the different elements–text, title, synopsis, etc. Just check the boxes for all the elements you want to include in each of the document type rows (e.g. you might not need to include labels for your folders but you do want them for all your single documents). You might want to take a look at the outline presets available from the “Format As” pop-up menu; you’ll want to tweak these to add more meta-data, most likely, but it’ll give you some examples of how you can easily set up to compile an outline of your project. If you do change a lot of settings to get what you want, you may want to click the “Manage…” button in the lower right to save your settings as a custom preset so you can use them again later in other projects.

Thank you Jennifer, I’ll give it a try. Epub would work just fine, maybe even better than pdf…