How to compile to rtf with headers

Help! I need to compile into rtf with a header that includes pagination. I have the new version of Scrivener. Any one know how to do this? I can’t export to Pages because it strips out the headers when you save in rtf. I’m hoping I can get the headers through Scrivener. I need the headers for a contest requiring the file in rtf and the headers to not count as part of the word count. Thank you in advance.

If the contest wants RTF, then I wouldn’t recommend using Pages. The best free alternative for Mac is LibreOffice.

Scrivener’s word count calculations do not include headers, and adding pagination in the header is trivially easy. I suspect one of the built in Compile formats gets pretty close to what you’re looking for.

Have you looked at the Interactive Tutorial? The section on the Compile function should give you a good idea of what’s possible.


One thing to note is that when you export from Scrivener in RTF format, you should open the RTF file in Word or Nisus Writer to see the headers - if you open the RTF file in TextEdit, you will not see the headers or footers because TextEdit, like Pages, doesn’t support them (TextEdit opens RTF files by default on macOS).

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Hi Keith,

Buying Nisus may be the solution. Brilliant! Thank you. Really appreciate your response!

Katherine - yes I always go to the tutorial or the reference guide in Scrivener first. Unfortunately, compile has changed in this version. I only ask questions if I can’t find or understand what I need.

Oh on that point, we do have a more detailed list of changes in a walk-through format, specifically for veterans looking to learn the new system. You’ll find it here. Hopefully you find a lot of stuff, like headers, is roughly where it was before though—at least once you get into the format designer.

Ah. It wasn’t clear that you are an experienced Scrivener user. I second Ioa’s suggestion that you review our upgrade guide.