How to control character encoding for imported text?

Dear Folks: I’m importing text from a PDF into a Scriv file and it’s funky. The imported text is. Not the program.

If I drop the text into Word and THEN copy it into Scriv it’s fine. But if I copy it into Scriv all the dates (I’m copy from a history book) get converted to some kind of Unicode (so it seems) in which EVERY number is represented by a black square bisected by a white X (I wish I could say, “And the Saxons invade Ireland again,” but that would give me some comic relief and would be too much to ask for).

If someone would tell me how to set the character encoding for imported text … to make it predictable (and standardized … and pacifist) …

Thank you.


I would suspect it is a problem with that particular PDF (or perhaps the PDF reader that you use). I’ve never heard of anything like that before, or seen that myself. I can copy and paste numbers out of the Scrivener user manual, for example. Is that true for you?

Dear Amber: You’re absolutely right; it’s a problem specific to certain kinds of PDFs (ones that are encoded in some way that causes the strange results of the copy/paste operation).

I have no idea of how the PDFs are encoded, but it’s easier to just reformat the text in Word before importing it into Scrivener (easier than learning how to overcome it with some kind of scripting solution).

Thank you very much for the help.