How to control footnote placement in Compile?

I have a manuscript in Scrivener 3 that contains a number of footnotes. I inserted each footnote using the Insert > Footnote command. When I compile the manuscript to PDF, what controls whether the footnotes appear at the end of each chapter or all together at the end of the document (as endnotes)? Mine are appearing at the end of each chapter, but I want them to appear in one long list as endnotes. Thx

Found it!

  1. I created a new Project Format named PDF
  2. I edited the PDF format and selected the Export inspector footnotes as endnotes option

Not sure if this is the best way to achieve the goal, but it works.

Note that you didn’t need to create a new format. The options in the right-hand pane are always there. They depend on your choice of output formats, but not on the Compile Format.