How to control hyphenation

My Kindle Paperwhite doesn’t hyphenate (break) words at the end of a line. I’ve always taken this for granted, and assumed it wasn’t something I needed to consider when compiling. But I’ve just noticed that the Kindle Previewer on my Mac, which is emulating the Kindle Fire, does hyphenate. So, this has me in a quandry. A couple of questions:

  1. What do others think of hyphenation? My instinct is to stop it happening if possible. Is this an overreaction? Looking at the book I’m compiling on my Kindle, there are unsightly long spaces in places. Maybe hyphenation is better.

  2. Is it possible to control this behaviour during the compile process? Or is it, like fonts, controlled by the device / user?

  3. If it is possible to control the hyphenation behaviour, how is this done?

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this… as I guess it applies to all versions of Scrivener, not only the Mac version.

I believe that hyphenation is a feature of the latest Kindle updates, controlled by the device: